What an Impact!

August is school holiday in Zambia and makes it a busy season in Kids in Ministry Zambia.

PowerClub Training, Ndola

Last week we had a PowerClub Training in Ndola (the town where we live) with about 25 new people and about 10 of our already trained leaders. It was probably the best training we’ve done so far.

A New Approach

Prior to the training we’ve been revising our training material and cut the content dramatically. For most people all they know is traditional Sunday School, with no fun, no interaction with the kids, and no move of the Holy Spirit. The Core Values of KIMI is a change in mindset and the way we view ministry to children. Bringing in 3 days of intensive training, we are aware that our trainees have to take in a lot of new information. So to help absorb and actually “get” the teaching, all sessions went from about 50 minutes of teaching to 30 minutes, allowing 20 minutes for group discussion. This is a proven method in other training programmes, that when people have to put the training in their own words, it helps them digest and understand.

Our people were eager to learn and to discuss. We placed PowerClub leaders in each discussion group, and that really helped in bringing clarity to the teaching and answering questions. As a trainer it was a good evaluate on how well you'd taught, and where to bring more focus.

Children Filled with the Holy Spirit

We also cut down on the number of sessions, from 16 to 11. This allowed us time in the afternoon to actually do ministry to children. 3 afternoons of “demonstration” where both kids and adults participated. Though the primary purpose was “demonstration”, I love that God can use any event to meet with His people – and He doesn’t need practice or demonstration. We had some beautiful moments in His presence. I think we had about 20 children filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues for the first time. We taught them how and why to worship, and both in high praise and deep worship God was glorified. The last day we taught on how to heal the sick and saw a leader with stomach pains healed.

God Gives Vision to PowerClub Leaders

What fills me with amazement is that a group of just 25 people represent more than 1500 children reached on a weekly basis! What an impact! The host team have started on our School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry course, and they are hungry for God. They are pioneers with a big heart for reaching the towns and nation. A little girl, probably 4 or 5 years of age, had a dream on the last night of training. She saw the host team with spectacles with different colours. The same morning I had an impression, that God was giving people new vision – some vision for their schools, neighbourhoods, some for towns and areas, some for provinces and nations. The little girls dream was a confirmation of that.

For our PowerClub leaders the training served as a refresher, and hearing it for the second time, made them get a deeper understanding of the teaching. Whenever we can, we want our leaders to be part of it, both for the sake of the training, but especially also because of the friendships and visions that flow from being together.

What a Story!

One of our leaders, Eva Kibinda, from Kasempa – about 7 hours drive from here – came to be part of the training. She amazes me again and again. She is ministering to more than 1000 kids on a weekly basis – that in itself is beyond understanding. She is quiet and humble and it was not before the last night, when I asked her for testimonies, that these stories came out:

A PowerClub Boy Heals a Dying Man

“During a day of prayer and fasting a boy got a vision of a village and from his description, the pastor (husband to the PowerClub leader) could recognize the village. The children went and the boy confirmed this was the village. A man was sick in the house, the PC leader described how they could smell death and sores were growing on the man. The child prayed for the man, who said he was better, but the child wanted him to stand and declared he was healed in Jesus name. The man was weak, so the leaders told him to sit again. The next day, however, they found the man sitting in the village - healed!! The man had stopped work because of the sickness, he is now back at work!

PowerClub Leader healed from Fibroids

One of the PowerClub helpers got sick with fibroids in her female parts. One of the PowerClub children felt a pain in that same place (known as a word of knowledge) and knew she had to go and pray for the helper. After the child had prayed the woman started to bleed and the fibroids disappeared. She is fine today!

Jehova's Witness Turning to God

Recently a PC child witnessed to his father, who was a strong Jehovah’s Witness in the village. The father came for church on Sunday!”

Praise God who works through young and old to release heaven on earth! Eva will be doing a 3 day children’s conference this week. She didn’t tell us before she came last week, but thanks to willing leaders, we are able to send 3 of our good leaders to come and help her. I can’t wait to hear the testimonies!