Left in Awe

For the last 4 years we’ve been working with Kids in Ministry International (KIMI) under the leadership of Becky Fischer.

In our local children’s church in Misaka we began to see the supernatural work of God; kids were filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues, we saw sick people healed by the prayer of children, children began to hear the voice of their Father, and time and time again did we have encounters in the presence of God. This made us look for new materials and inspiration – and our search led to Becky Fischer and KIMI.

We have traveled to the most remote places to train local leaders to start PowerClubs and held children’s meetings and camps. Today the work of Kids in Ministry Zambia is spread over 7 provinces in Zambia reaching thousands of children on a weekly basis.

Feet Planted in Africa

Malene had the opportunity to travel to the US some years ago to meet with the KIMI leaders in that part of the word. But it’s been on our hearts to have Becky Fischer come to Africa to meet with regional leaders to bring strategy and direction to KIMI Africa. This has just happened! In response to a prophetic word for her, to "plant her feet in Africa", her trip to Zambia was planned.

Friends from Ghana, Uganda and Kenya

Becky’s last visit to Africa was in 2005, so a lot had happened since then. We had the privilege of hosting her here in Zambia for 10 days. Some of them were spend together with 3 other African leaders from Kenya, Uganda and Ghana. These are local leaders, who have been with KIMI for a number of years and oversee a number of PowerClubs in these nations. It was the first time for the five of us to spend time together, and it was time well spent! For a couple of days we just talked, discussed, listened, prayed and sought guidance from the Holy Spirit. New guidance, more clarity and fresh energy were some of the fruits of our time together. And happy to say that we made new friends and partners in children’s ministry.

Curriculums - in Our Hands!

Becky brought some valuable gifts; 3 curriculums from Kids in Ministry that Malene has been co-writing. “Worship the King” was her first curriculum written for Kids in Ministry with the African children in mind. That opened the door to two other curriculums, “Our God is Amazing” and “Our Good Father”. The last two originate from Becky’s curriculums, but has been re-written to fit children in third world countries. A forth curriculum on the Holy Spirit is in the pipeline as well. While we’ve had access to the pdf-files, this was the first time to have the printed curriculums in hand. And furthermore, standing next to other African leaders, knowing that these materials will be used in other African nations (as well as in Asia, where KIMI also have PowerClubs), that does bring some excitement :)

Left in Awe

One of the highlights from Becky’s visit, was the visit of 3 of our local PowerClub leaders, whom we had invited to come and meet with Becky. Their stories are mind blowing! Testimony upon testimony of how God has come through in the most challenging situation, and how the prayers of children have brought healing and freedom. It will take another post to really capture the stories of these 3 ladies, who have laid their lives down for the next generation of Zambia. One of them alone influences more than 2.000 children on a weekly basis in her small town – and she seems to know them by name!

Eva (to my left) and Noreen standing on a huge map of Zambia, that Noreen has made me to use for prayer. Eva stands on the region God has called her to, and Noreen on a region, where she has traveled a number of people.

I was left in tears and awe, when realising the impact Kids in Ministry have all over this nation and beyond the borders. And yet our role seems so small in the bigger picture of what God is doing. What a privilege it is to serve our King among the people, He calls the greatest in his Kingdom!

Fun with Graduation Photos

Well, no American visitor in Zambia without a good photoshoot! We had a number of PowerClub leaders in our garden for fellowship – for Becky to hear their stories, and for them to listen to her input. Some of them have graduated from the “School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry” by Becky Fischer, and normally we print their certificates locally. But what a joy it brought, when Becky brought the graduation gowns and lined up for pictures.

Becky survived 10 days in Zambia, and her leadership continues to bring direction and anointing, and serves as a good reminder that we are part of a larger, international family.