Eliza Joy

Our blog has been quiet for a while, as the last couple of months have been focused on our little family and the arrival of our baby girl.

On Saturday 4th June our beautiful daughter, Eliza Joy, was born. It all went really well, and we are so much in love with her. She is content, eats well and is a good sleeper at night. Doctors where concerned about her health before delivery, and we were meant to stay in hospital for 2 weeks for observation. On Friday the doctor decided to discharge us a week before time – she is too well to stay for further observation! We thank God for a miracle baby!

Noa is very proud of his baby sister, though love expressed from a 2 year old might not also feel like love! He enjoys having grandparents and family around, is very pleased in nursery (dagpleje) and enjoy the many play grounds, which to him is a brand new thing.

We will extend our stay in Denmark further than first expected. We have a return ticket 1st August, but will probably postpone it a month or two. We miss our many friends in Zambia, but are proud to see how they carry the work, while we are away. But for now we will enjoy friends and family in Denmark and take time to get into routine as a family of 4.