A Decision for Life

Back in Lufwanyama

The first breath of air after coming bursting out of the water, marks the beginning of a new life. A decision for life. What a joy it is to celebrate water baptism with believers, who have decided to follow Jesus for the rest of their life and publicly declare it to the world!

We had the privilege of spending a weekend with the about 50 children at the orphanage in Lufwanyama, where Austine Kachila is the father and leader – he is one of our good KIMI leaders and trainers.

Last year we where blown away by the spiritual hunger we found in these children and the amazing encounters they had with God. But more encouraging has it been to hear the testimonies that followed our visit in January last year. I remember asking Austine last year, “so are your children able to pray for each other?”. “No, they can’t do that”, was his reply. With a glimpse in my eye, I asked whether we could let them try anyway, which was absolutely fine. From that moment God has taken a bunch of children on a journey, and they have seen great answers to their prayers. Today the orphanage has its own borehole, electricity and promises to build a secondary school – all carried through by the prayers of the children. Austine also tells, how people from the village will come to the orphanage for healing prayers, deliverance and salvation.

Baptism Weekend

We had to visit that place again! This time with a lovely missionary family, who are passionate about children and Jesus. They led us in beautiful times of worship with a strong sense of God’s presence, as well as bringing lots of fun and joy through games and different activities.

Our emphasise for the weekend was on water baptism and taking a stand for Jesus, which led us to the beautiful celebration on Sunday morning. 50 children joyfully singing as we walked to the nearby river, where a small wooden bridge led us into the water. 5 children from the orphanage where baptised alongside their 2 new friends, the children of our missionary friends – who hadn’t expected their children to be baptised in a river in the midst of the African bush! What a joy!

The water baptism marked the end of a Sunday morning, where we had celebrated Jesus and taught on the Holy Spirit. Children where invited to find their own quiet spot in the room to spend time with Jesus and receive the filling of the Holy Spirit. God touched a lot of small little lives and the Holy Spirit revealed with tears, laughter and a new prayer langue – tongues.

Children who have taken a clear stand for Jesus, being filled with the Spirit, and publicly declared it to the world by going into the water.

I’m excited to see how these children are going to impact their world!