A Province for Jesus

A Hero of Faith

The real heroes of faith are often found in remote places. Their testimonies, sacrifices and boldness rarely reach social media or public attention, yet they are such rolemodels in living a life fully surrendered to Jesus.

One of these heroes is Eva Kibinda. It is not the first time, we write about this lady from North-Western Province, Kasempa, about 7 hours drive from where we live. She ministers to more than 1000 children on a weekly basis, and her testimonies are amazing.

Her husband, David, has been a pastor for many years, and he fully supports his wife in her heart for children. Last week they hosted a PowerClub Training in their home town for pastors and others with a heart for children. In rural areas children are often neglected and not valued neither in society or in the church. To have 15 people showing up for with open hearts to learn and receive for a training, is a testimony in itself.

We had 3 of our leaders travelling to Kasempa to do the PowerClub Training, and from there the team continued, led by Eva and David, another 3 hours drive into North-Western Province to Kabompo, where David expected about 30 people to come for training. But after the 3 days of training I received this text from Eva:

Hello. In Kabompo more than 65 people. Am so so happy. I thank God, it’s like he is giving me North-Western Province.”

Wow! I’m so amazed by her faith and vision. And yes, I do believe God has given her a mandate for the children of North-Western Province. If you knew her and her circumstances, the question would be, how will she manage? I think the answer is simple, “by the grace of God”.

Eva reminds me of King David. The prophet Samuel came to his father’s household to anoint the new King. He was looking at David’s older, good-looking brothers, but God told Samuel not to anoint any of them. It was a young shepherd boy, that weren’t even invited to meet with the prophet, that God had chosen to be the new King of Israel.

For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.

1 Samuel 16:7

God’s hand is on Eva’s life, and He knows her heart. 15 pastors have indicated that they want to work with KIMI, and we are so excited to see how God will bring a generation back to Him.

The new PowerClub Graduates in Kasempa

KIMI Team on the Road

Another Eva is a new missionary from Denmark, who has come to work with OpenChurch and KIMI Zambia. She has gone through our training course “School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry” and is part of the team training right now in Kabompo. She is great with children and God has really prepared her for this chapter in her life; we are very excited to welcome Eva on our team! Noreen, Eva and Whiteson – a Zambian children’s missionary, who is also a PowerClub Graduate - have taught the trainings in Kasempa and Kabompo. By the end of the month they are about to do yet another long-journey-PowerClub Training in Mansa, Luapula Province. More testimonies to come.

Eva from Denmark visiting Eva in her home in Kasempa